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Rajim, a major place of pilgrimage in the chhattisgarh state. Rajim is situated about four-five kilometers away from raipur at a place of confluence of three rivers-Mahanadi, Sondhur and Pairy. People believed that lord Rama, Mother Janaki (sita) and lakshaman had worshipped lord Mahadev in the temple of kuleshwara Mahadev located at the point of confluence of these rivers.

Now we arrive to famous rajivlochan Temple. Do you know how this place got the name Rajim? There are many tales in vogue amidst peoplethat relate to sati Rajim, a chaste and faithful wife o an il merchant, to raju rajivlochanand rajmal. Earlier this place was known as kamal-kshetra and padmapur – kamal and padma are synonymous and mean lotus. After Sati Rajim there are dana-daneshwar and raja – Rajeshwar temples. Rajivlochan temple is situated exactly opposite to raja-rajeshwar temple. Peple say that do we find the temples of lordshiva and lord Vishnu situated exactly opposite to each other, and such a coincidence is regarding as a good omen.
Here, at the outer gate if Rajivlochan Temple, is the statue of king jagatpal. This Rajivlochan Temple was built on the rectangular foundation in the eight century.It has two entrance gates – on southward and on northward . The southern gate is inclined towards Earth. They say that it is because of this inclination that the temple will earn fame in all quarters. From the northern gate we get a view of the lord Sakshi-Gopal.

Everywhere around this Rajivlochan temple there are temples of Narssimha,Badri, Vaman and Shri Varah avataras (the incarnations of lord vishnu). Because of this the temples appear to be pentagonal in plan-view. It is believed that these four temples represent four Dhamas (Holy place for Hindus).That is why Rajivlochan temples receives so much of importance, and rank the topmost amonst all the religious places in the chhattisgarh state .

Very close to Rajivlochan temple, there is a temple of pancheshwar and bhuteshwar, at the bank of river. Lord pancheshwar Mahadev is believed to be maternal uncle of kuleshwar Mahadev. There are many popular stories in connection with this temple of uncle-and-nephew (Mama-Bhacha).

There are five more Shiva-Temples at a distance of about five kroh(10 miles) from this five-faced shiva-linga. There is special importance of Ten-mile circumambulation of these five Shiva-Temples.

After the kuleshwar temple starts the ten-mile-circumambulation.or panchkroshi-Parikrama . The first halt of this five-mile-journey is the temple Pateshwarnatha at the village pateva, about five k.m. away from here on the rajim-raipur road. Pilgrims take bath in lord shiva’s pond here early in the morning, perform worship of lord shiva by bathing his idol, and do the japa and meditation before they leave for the next stop.

The second place of sojourn is the chamaparan village, about 14 k.m. toward north from Rajim, where champakeshwar Maharaj is present along with His divine consort Kalika mother parvati.
The third stop is at village Bramhani, situated about 9km away from Champaran. This is the abode of Bramhikeshwar Mahadev. Here there is a small pond at the bank of river Bamhani.

This river is also known as shvet (white) or Set ganga. Many attempts have been made to trace out the origin of shvet Ganga river, but they have not been successful. To control the rush of current a gomukh (Head of cow) has been built , from which a stream of water flows out constantly . Towards north of this pond there is statue of Brahmhikeshwar Mahadev and is called Aghor. This statue is also known to be that of buddhi (the intellect or wisdom).

The forth place of halt for this Ten-mile-journey or panchkroshi Yatra is Fingeshwar, about 16 k.m. away from raji towards east ,where lord Fanikeshwar Mahadev – the fullfuller of the wishes of His devotes – resides alongwith his councilors.

The fifth sojourn of this journey is kopeshwar Mahadev, Situated about 16 km from Rajim at kopra village on Rajim-gariaband. The lake situated here is also called Shankh-sarovar, the conch-lake.
Having completed this panchkroshi-parikrama or ten-mile-circumambulation, the pilgrim take bath at the confluence of three rivers , do some charity and worship Lord Someshwar Mahadev. Devotees believe that in ancient times once a fire had ignited of its ownaccord and therefore Lord Bramha had given this place the name Svarna Tirtha(The Golden Holy-place).

Lord Someshwar Mahadev had a countenance of Soma, the moon. He is the lord of devas (gods) and pitars (forefather) and also the provider of fearlessness. This is how the lord Someshwar Mahadev is regarded and worshipped . that is why the rituals of offering the food and water to the ancestors are performed here. This is the earring – jewel of Rajim.

The dwelling deity of ten-mile –circumambulation (panchkroshi Parikrama) is lord utpaleshwar Shiva. He is present at the point of confluence of the three rivers. The Lord utpaleshwar Shiva is the vishwanath of the ten-mile-circumambulation. It is here that the ten-mile-circumambulation ends.

Close to the Kuleshwar Mahadev temple there is an Ashram of Rishi Lomash – situated amidst the dense bunch of Belahi trees. At this very spot Rajim mela is organized everywhere from the Full moon of the month of magh (during Januar-february) to the shivaratri festival . But Shri Brijmohan Agrawal, the minister for culture and renevue has started a pious tradition of organizing Rajim Kumbh every year , in order to strengthen the religious beliefs of this city-of temples and panchkroshi Parikrama, ten-mile –circumambulation, after the inception of chhattisgarh State.

Millions of devotees from India and abroad come here every her to earn merits by taking bath at this confluence of three river. On the other hand the gathering of saints and holy man enhances the spiritual sensitivity in this area.

The tradition of yearly organization of rajim kumbh has implanted infinite faith in the heart of simple, innocent and religious people of chhattisgarh.

A short distance away from Rajivlochan Temple, there is situated a temple of shri Paramchandra.

The Radha-krishna temple , which is situated quite close to this ramchandra temple , is also exceptional,in the interior chamber of this temple there is a statue of Radha-Krishna, and ther is also a small stone statue of lord Shri Rajivlochan.

To the north of shri Rajivlochan temple , there lies the bank of svarna-tirtha, where you get the view of tantra-mantra. This statue of mother goddess Maa kali is magnificent and heveanly. One experience extreme joy from just looking at it.

Rajim is not just a historical and mythological religious tourist place in chhattisgarh, it is also Prayag-Sthali (A major holy place) of chhattisgarh.

In this city of temples do not miss the opportunity of bathing in the sacred confluence-spot of three rivers, and associating yourself with the saints and holy persons at the time of Rajim-Kumbh.

बौद्ध विहार, मैनपाट

बौद्ध विहार, मैनपाट, सरगुजा

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प्राचीन श्री पार्श्वनाथ जैन प्रतिमा, राजिम

भीम पाँव, खल्लारी मंदिर

खल्लारी माता, खल्लारी मंदिर, महासमुंद

सीता कुटीर, तुरतुरिया

वाल्मिकी आश्रम, तुरतुरिया

वैदेही विहार, तुरतुरिया, महासमुंद

गंधेश्वर मंदिर, सिरपुर

नव उत्खनित शिव मंदिर, सिरपुर

प्राचीन बौद्ध प्रतिमा, सिरपुर

स्वास्तिक विहार, सिरपुर

बौद्ध विहार, सिरपुर

लक्ष्मण मंदिर, सिरपुर, महासमुंद

Sunday, May 6, 2007

सियादाई मंदिर, बालोद, खारून नदी, दुर्ग

गंगामैया, झलमला, बालोद

श्रीगणेश मंदिर, नवागढ़, दुर्ग

बूढ़ा महादेव, धमधा, दुर्ग

बूढ़ादेव मंदिर, धमधा, दुर्ग

चतुर्भुज विष्णु मंदिर, धमधा, दुर्ग

प्राचीन शिव मंदिर, नगपुरा, दुर्ग

श्री पार्श्वनाथ प्राचीन प्रतिमा, नगपुरा

श्रीपार्श्वनाथ जैन तीर्थ मंदिर, नगपुरा, दुर्ग

प्राचीन शिव मंदिर, देवबलौदा

शंकरखोल, चैतुरगढ़, कोरबा

माँ महिषासुर मर्दिनी, चैतुरगढ़, कोरबा

रक्साबूढ़ा देव, लाफा, कोरबा

(रक्साबूढ़ा देव, लाफा, कोरबा )

महामाया मंदिर, लाफा, कोरबा

( महामाया मंदिर, लाफा, कोरबा)

प्राचीन शिव मंदिर पाली, कोरबा

(प्राचीन शिव मंदिर पाली, कोरबा)

कर्णेश्वर मंदिर, सिहावा

माँ अंगार-मोती मंदिर, गंगरेल बाँध, धमतरी

गंगरेल बाँध, धमतरी

खेड़ापति हनुमान, कवर्धा

मड़वा महल, भोरमदेव, कवर्धा

छेरकी महल, भोरमदेव, कवर्धा

भोरमदेव मंदिर, कवर्धा

महाप्रभू वल्लभाचार्य बैठक, चंपारण

चंपकेश्वर महादेव, चंपारण

कुलेश्वर महादेव, राजिम

बागेश्वरनाथ मंदिर, आरंग

संत गुरू घासीदास जन्म-स्थली, गिरौदपुरी

वाल्मीकि आश्रण, तुरतुरिया, महासमुंद

शिव मंदिर, नारायणपुर, (जिला रायपुर )

शिव मंदिर, नारायणपुर, (जिला रायपुर )

भांड देवल मंदिर, आरंग

माँ समलेश्वरी देवी मंदिर, चाँपा-जांजगीर

बरम चौरा, जांजगीर

शिव मंदिर, जांजगीर